Scott Munsterman on the Issues Important to You

JOBS "As the former 2-term Mayor of Brookings, I'm the only candidate with a track-record of creating jobs - 3,100 of them in Brookings. As your new Representative, my priority will be creating new and better jobs."

HEALTH CARE "As a Doctor, I've seen first-hand the challenges people face. We need local control over our health care, not a Federal take-over we can't afford. I'll protect our State and work toward a common-sense solution."

VALUES "I'm pro-life and as a Doctor, I know that life begins at conception. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and I won't support legislation that undermines our South Dakota values."

GUNS "I support our 2nd Amendment rights. If you are permitted to carry a concealed weapon, you should be able to carry it anywhere in the state, I won't support limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms."

TAXES "We all benefit when the government takes less of our money because our families can keep more of what they earn. By empowering people, we'll grow our economy and protect agriculture and family businesses."

Scott Munsterman for
District 7 State Representative

Hello, my name is Scott Munsterman, Doctor of Chiropractic, small business owner, and Former Mayor of the City of Brookings. Twenty three years ago my wife Mary Jeanne and I were looking for a community where we could settle down and start a practice. We both identified qualities we wanted in a community we could call home. Mary Jeanne's list focused on good schools, a public library and other amenities, whereas my list centered on economic diversity. We eventually chose Brookings both for its high quality of life and economic stability.


I'm excited about the opportunity to serve as your next State Representative to work on the issues we are currently facing: quality education in our schools, good teachers, economic development in small communities, renewable energy and the environment, agriculture, and above all prosperity for South Dakota.


If you want to get involved, or if you'd like to share your vision for the future - contact me at, or let me buy you a cup of coffee next time we're near your bend in the creek.

Making South Dakota the best it can be was so important, I wrote a book on it.

My book "A Vision for South Dakota" sets forth a plan for addressing the challenges we face as South Dakotans. You're invited to share my vision of hope and prosperity for the future. The free .pdf file is available by clicking here.



Listen to the Book

A Vision for South Dakota, is also available to download as an audio book. Just click on the links for each chapter to download. (.wma format)

A Vision For South Dakota - Goals

A Vision Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Economy of the Future

Chapter 3 Education

Chapter 4 Health Care

Chapter 5 Protecting our Land

Chapter 6 The Energy Advantage

Chapter 7 Transportation

Chapter 8 Budget

Chapter 9 Community of Purpose, On Purpose

Chapter 10 Policy Leadership

Conclusion to Book


On November 2nd, let's move South Dakota forward together. On November 2nd, I'd appreciate your support and your vote to be the next State Representative for District 7.